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The Three R’s Tutorial Program

 Our tutorial program will be the first of its kind. The target area of this group will consist of children between the ages of 2-18. The program will be instrumental in ensuring that the children in attendance are adequately prepared to perform on or above grade level in school. The uniqueness of the program will be that anyone regardless of age who resides in the community will be allowed to attend coupled with the fact that the program will be designed solely to address "inadequacies" in the areas of reading, writing and arithmetic.

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Teen pregnancy is considered one of the five most damaging contributors to the plethora of "dysfunctional communities" across America. Females in these communities under the age of 16 are having babies at an alarming rate. Our goal is to implement effective and proven strategies that will enable the members of these communities to fix the problem themselves. We believe that when you truly empower people, they genuinely take pride in their accomplishments, which in turn leads to a "long term cure".

"Women in the Making"

The purpose of this program will be to address social issues deemed important and pertinent to the female members of the community. The goal will be to reduce the number of under-aged female mothers and to increase the high-school graduation rate of the females in the community. Every woman is welcomed.



For the past several years, all across America, gang membership has grown astronomically. The gangs are getting larger and larger in number and by the same token; gang members are joining at a younger age then ever before. What a sad state to be in as a society when so many are lost, rendered hopeless, forgotten and given up on at such a young age! Many are dying, both mentally and physically. Can America afford to continue to loose such a staggering number of its youth and remain a world power in the future?

"Boys Becoming Men"

The primary focus of this program is to provide young men with a positive exciting rewarding alternative to joining gangs. Our goal is to engage the young men in activities that will promote; teamwork, tolerance, patience, understanding, communication, respect and acceptance of indifferences.

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Where are all of our fathers? Who’s going to teach us how to be "real men"? Who are our daughters going to look up too? Who’s going to protect our mothers and our homes? Would our communities be stronger if more fathers were present? Would children stand a better chance of becoming productive citizens if their fathers played an active role in their development and rearing?

"PUT-BACK Men Making A Difference"

This program is designed solely with the intentions of assisting and equipping fathers with the knowledge and skills needed to continue and or begin becoming active/positive/ perpetual and influential fathers in the lives of their children.

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This is the "War that every true American regardless of race, color, creed or religion should be signing up to fight. For centuries, alcohol and drugs have destroyed more families, homes, lives and dreams then one cares to imagine. Contrary to popular beliefs, these two tools of destruction have seemingly found their way into majority of all communities within the United States including the most up-scaled communities imaginable. Common sense along side the most reliable research available says that in order to effectively battle alcohol and drug abuse, we must seek to change the mind-set of those affected by the addiction to either or both. Our alcohol and drug abuse prevention programs are designed to do just that!

"Each One Teach One"

Mentoring Program

This program is designed to re- instill values, morals, responsibility and respect amongst all members of the community. We will seek to address the social issues of alcohol and drug abuse within this program also. Our vision is to have the elders of the community lead the program.

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