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Bright Future Child Development Center

Family & Community Center
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The Child Development Center will serve children from six weeks to 4 yrs old – the most crucial and important phase of our life – the formative years. The CDC will not be a babysitting service. It will be nurturing and stimulating learning center that will effectively mold young minds cognitively and socially for future success.

Classroom Lead Teachers will have a college degree from an accredited college or University in:

Early Childhood Education

Child & Family Development

Curriculum will include, but not limited to:

Sing, Spell, Read and Write - an interactive Language Arts program

Abeka Learning - six step approach to reading using phonics

High Reach


Banking and Finance for Kids

Parent University

Horticulture for Children

Foreign Language Studies

Timeline For Accreditation

Bright Future Child Development Center will be initially licensed as an enhanced provider, providing a safe and healthy environment for its children. Thereafter, Bright Future propose that within two years of operation to be well on the way or have achieved accreditation from the National Association for Educating Young Children (NAEYC).

Bright Future believes that parental involvement is extremely vital therefore, we will offer many ways to encourage invite parental involvement - both paternal & maternal:

Breakfast or Lunch Visits: By letting us know in advance, parents are invited to join their child for a nutritious meal.

Parent Volunteers: We will encourage our parents to share their special talents with our children and staff.

Conferences: Every six months (twice a year) and each time a child transition from one age level to the next, parents will be invited to a parent/teacher conferences.

Field Trips: Parents will be asked to accompany staff on field trips.

Celebrations: Parents will always be welcome to join us in celebrating holidays, birthdays, and special events.

Fundraisers: Parents will be encouraged to participate in Seasonal fund raisers to incur proceeds for purchasing equipment, books, materials, and toys. Proceeds will also be used to enhance the facility and grounds.

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Benefits of A Quality

Preschool Education

increase in school readiness

increase self-esteem

significant reduction in poverty

decrease within child abuse & neglect

significant reduction in later behavioral and learning problems

lower levels of absenteeism

fewer referrals for remedial classes or special education

increase retentions

significant increase of students graduating high school and enrolling into college

less likely to need public assistance as adults

less likely to be arrested or incarcerated



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