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The Youth & Teen Game Room is a "Privilege Access" program. It will be a fun; yet, structured and supervised environment for youth & teens to escape the harmful influences of the streets. In other words, our focus is to keep our youth & teens off the street and into an environment that is conducive to positive and productive future growth for the community, society; more important, themselves.

Students must participate within the centers academic & social development programs, refrain from demonstrating & engaging within negative behaviors, perform well or improve academically & socially within their designated and the center, perform community service, etc. in order to receive/retain their "Privilege Access." The game room will consist of:

  • school, parent(s) & community collaborations
  • family competitions
  • youth competitions
  • socialization
  • arcade, video & table games
  • projection screen and four 27" televisions
  • lounge chairs
  • jukebox
  • canteen

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8408 Little John Drive Columbia, SC 29209
(803) 783-1801 fax: (803) 776-8029 info@putback.info