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The Fitness & Sport Center mission is to promote health and wellness by providing fitness, sports and education programs for people of all ages. The main tenet of the program is dedicated to helping individuals improve their personal fitness, health and lifestyle. Furthermore, this facility will serve as another viable tool to help promote and build community unity by engaging people in classes, sports and recreational activities in which they can meet and have fun with others who share their interest.

  • Multiple Sports Gym (Basket Ball, Racquetball, Volley Ball, etc.)
  • Swimming Pool
  • 3 - Lane Track
  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical
  • Bikes
  • Upper/Lower Body Machines
  • Weight Room
  • Aerobics
  • Dance
  • Martial Arts
  • Mental Health Assessment and Treatment

Local mental health consultants and specialist will provide confidential mental health services for students and community members that include comprehensive mental health assessments, individual and family therapy, classroom-based social skill groups, and after school groups. Psychological and medical evaluations will also be available.

Families will have access to counseling, support groups, and workshops on child-related topics.


Recreational activities provide opportunities to meet new friends and establish a support network when many previous support networks become fragmented or nonexistent. Golf outings, special events, dances, parties, and other fun times is just a small sample of this vast collection of specialized programs to help strengthen family and community ties.

Outside Recreational Amenities

Include playground, sand volley ball court; 2 tennis courts; family picnic area; a makeshift campsite; restrooms; family & community events; festivals; concerts; etc.

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8408 Little John Drive Columbia, SC 29209
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