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A.T.A.C. (Achieving Teen Advisory Council)

A.T.A.C. will be a group of youth and teens who have the desire to create opportunities for a better world for the youth who live and play in Richland County - specifically the Lower Richland area. The Council allows for the voices and opinions of the youth to be heard and creates opportunities for a better community for the youth of Columbia. New members will be recruited once a year. Each term will consist of a one-year commitment. A member of the A.T.A.C. team will also serve on Put-Back’s board. This person will share the concerns and suggestions of the youth & teens shared by the community. The A.T.A.C. council will expose students to the democratic process while addressing issues and concerns that profoundly impact their lives. Moreover, it teaches students accountability as it relates to their own destiny in life.

A.T.A.C’s Mission:

A.T.A.C.’s role is to help create programs and services that are important to the youth and teens that live and play in the surrounding communities of the development center. Affording students the opportunity to play an integral role on designing activities that are important to them will help ensure that the students have a say in the development of their social and academic growth. Furthermore, it will allow students to learn the political process of making decisions that profoundly impact the lives of others and themselves. Moreover, it will cultivate creative and innovative thinkers as well as assure the youth & teens that their voice is important; thus, building ones self-esteem and self-worth.


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