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Sponsored by: PUT-BACK, A Non-Profit Organization

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The business venture described in this plan will be a development center known as Bright Future Family and Community Development Center. The community center will be located in Columbia, South Carolina in the Richland County area.

The purpose of this project is to implement an economic enhancement program that will successfully reduce: high minority unemployment or underemployment, low capita income levels, business failures, and business disinvestment.

The Lower Richland area contains a large percentage of low-income individuals and families, a large number of unemployed or underemployed persons plus stagnant or declining small business activity. Because the Community Development Center will be located directly in Lower Richland, an area of economic distress, any viable economic development strategy and business plan must address each of the items above because of the inherent problems they pose for economic and income growth and the economic development process. Efforts to help change the economic stress factors will help eliminate negative feelings of low self esteem, and encourage families to take part in the true "American Dream."

The Bright Future Family and Community Development Center will provide quality child development services as well as focusing on services for the elderly.

Bright Future Family and Community Development Center will offer and assist with career development programs to empower families in ways that are designed to help reduce poverty. When a person or persons cannot adequately provide for themselves, poverty prevails. Much of this can be attributed to the lack of literacy.

There are limited community resources available in or to this community. Bright Future Family and Community Development Center will provide resources and referrals to the area through the Small Business Attraction (agencies, programs, or services) South Carolina Foundations, SBA Benedict College-EDTA, Columbia Business Network Association, Columbia College, Employment and Jobs Skills training, Midlands Technical College, State/Richland DSS Work Support Services, and the University of South Carolina. This project’s Board of Directors is made up of elected public and private individuals who have experience working with families and knowledge of the community.

8408 Little John Drive Columbia, SC 29209
(803) 783-1801 fax: (803) 776-8029 info@putback.info