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"Bringing The Village Back "

We believe that family and community go hand in hand. One’s community should be apart of one’s family and one’s family should be an active/instrumental/vital and productive part of the community. Our vision is to "bring back the village" that it truly takes to raise our children. Too often in today’s world, family and community are forgotten words. The unique structure of our community service centers will seek to rebuild the village. Our vision is to have a community service center that will indeed be of service to the community. 

The purpose of Put-Back is to provide comprehensive community and family services to the Lower Richland Community in Columbia, South Carolina. This mission includes, but is not limited to several purposes including: 1) the provision of decent housing that is affordable to low and moderate-income persons in Richland, Lexington, Sumter and Camden Counties; 2) community-based opportunities for Lower Richland residents to improve their lives through accessible training for jobs of the future, 3) community-based access to resources that enable Lower Richland residents to create, build, sustain and grow business ventures through conventional business development practices as well as through practices associated with social enterprise.


Renewable of the Lower Richland community so that all its citizens across the life span can live their lives to the fullest extent of their individual abilities, talents, and gifts.


Our vision is to empower communities by strengthening and in some cases, rebuilding the family structure within the community. Our centers are designed to incorporate an array of social well being services all under the same roof so to speak. We envision a Put-Back Community Service Center in every community across America.

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"It's Better To Prevent Than To Cure"

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8408 Little John Drive Columbia, SC 29209
(803) 783-1801 fax: (803) 776-8029 info@putback.info